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Embrace of Memory by Vicki McElfresh
The past stalks Cree Lin in dreams of fire, pain and power he cannot control, but he doesn't remember the events that left him scarred and shamed. He knows his out of control magic left a village in ruins. He knows people died, but he remembers nothing except fire and pain.
Gaea's Legacy Book 1: Eternal's Agenda by Will Greenway
Always a catch...
For Bannor Starfist, the savant of reality, nothing is easy... including getting married.
Fresh off a duel with allfather Odin, Bannor tries to start a new life in Malan with his cherished betrothed, Sarai. He hopes the worst of his troubles will be preparing for the elaborate royal marriage ceremonies.
What's Hot
The Guardians of Glede Book 7: The Caves of Challenge by JennaKay Francis (Fantasy)
Their heads filled with stories of adventures spun by their father and uncles, Vantann and Thomlin Merripen decide to have an adventure of their own. Through an old book they learn of The Caves of Challenge.
Mycroft Up Against It by Sam Bonnamy (Historical Mystery)
Once again Anna and Mycroft Holmes tear through London in hansom cabs as they pursue three further adventures set in the eighteen-eighties. Mycroft puffs and pants his way through his cases, applying not only his keen mind but also, in one case, the precepts of the Kama Sutra.
Greenspell: A Fantasy Anthology by Kathy Ann Trueman
A sorceress unravels a spell and gets a result she never expected; a young girl wins a contest and gets to speak with a god; a secret vampire fears she'll be blamed for the depredations of another of her kind; a minstrel travels with a witch who has a pair of very unusual cart horses - these are what the reader will find in this anthology of fantasy short stories.
More Books
Because I Said So! by Dotti Enderle (Children's Picture Book)
Logan knows all the rules, yet he still asks, "Why?" After Mom repeatedly gives him her standard answer, he lovingly gives it back.
Because I Said So is an adorable picture e-book with just enough repetition to promote storytime participation.
Being Kind To George by Jo Dunningham (Children's Picture Book)
'Being Kind to George' is based on a true story and real life characters.
Set in a beautiful Country Park nestling in the heart of Wiltshire, England, it tells the tale of how man can affect the wildlife around him.
Bows For Pigel's Nose by Jennifer LB Leese (Children's Picture Book)
Whenever Pigel Piglet searches for truffles near his barnyard home, he never watches where he is going. On one particular day, he bumps his snout into a tree. Rushing to a nearby pond, he watches as his nose grows three times in size.
I Am Me by Jennifer LB Leese (Children's Picture)
I Am Me is the story about a little girl who learns that even though she has her mommy's button nose, and her daddy's freckles, she is still herself; she is Nica Jolee.
Written using beginning reader text, this story comes with adorable full-color illustrations that are sure to enrich the reader's spirit. It is a heartwarming children's picture book designed to teach your child that even though they may look or act like members of their family; they are still themselves... they are special and unique, and there is no one else in the whole wide world just like them.