Board of County Commissioners Actions: Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Board of County Commissioners Actions
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Becky Maginnis, Risk Management Administrator, and Tom Hoblitzell, Vice President of Hilb, Rogal & Hobbs consultants brought this request for approval of the Fire & Rescue Companies Insurance Renewal, before the Board. Package insurance placement for policy year January 2008 to January 2009 for all fire and rescue companies in the Washington County Fire & Rescue Association awarded to Selective Insurance Company for an annual premium of $373,813 for property and casualty and $188,132 for volunteer Workers Compensation coverage. Maginnis told the Board that Five insurance carriers specializing in fire and rescue insurance programs responded to bid specifications. Three were disqualified since they were unable to provide all coverages requested. The lowest quote was received from Selective Insurance Company, and includes coverages for general liability, property, auto liability and auto property damage, inland marine, directors and officer's liability, employer's liability, and workers compensation. With acceptance pf the quote, there would be a savings of approximately $220,000 under budgeted FY 2008 premiums. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.
Assistant County Attorney Andrew Wilkinson and Fire and Emergency Services Director John Latimer brought this request, for acceptance of several amendments to the LOSAP Program Plan before the Board. The LOSAP Program provides retirement and death benefits to active volunteers of one or more Washington County fire, rescue, or emergency medical services, or support organizations approved by the Board of County Commissioners. The Plan is intended to comply with the length of service award plan requirements under the Internal Revenue Code and with the length of service award program requirements under the Maryland State Income Tax Subtraction Modification Program. The LOSAP Plan Committee previously suggested changes to the LOSAP Program Plan and those changes were incorporated into the Program Plan and are ready for implementation. The changes to include adding members of the Photo Team as Eligible Volunteers; requiring a volunteer to be 16 years or older before being considered an Eligible Volunteer, unless the volunteer earned any LOSAP points before turning 16; adding the Director of Emergency Services and County Attorney to the Plan Committee; clarifying the progression of payments to beneficiaries in the event of the death of an Eligible Volunteer; clarifying the burial benefits for a deceased Eligible Volunteer; clarifying when non-service connected benefits cease; a and adding reporting requirements from volunteer companies. Commissioner Wivell commented he had requested additional language in the amendments that would remove anyone caught falsifying information from the LOSAP program. Wilkinson commented on researching legalities of such a measure. Pending a legal ruling by outside counsel, such a measure would be added as the 8th in the list of changes. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.