Drowned in Sound: Getting Attention Everywhere They Go

Drowned in Sound
Getting Attention Everywhere They Go
The Fox Hunt: "Nowhere Bound"

A few weeks ago, October 21, 2007, to be exact, I covered a story on a new local bluegrass band called The Fox Hunt.
As I said in that article, bluegrass was and still is a major part of my life. I've been going to bluegrass festivals since I was very young - 'round 5 years of age.
Those of you who know bluegrass are sure to remember Bill Monroe, "the father of bluegrass music", the Johnson Mountain Boys, Lester Flatt, and The Seldom Scene. More recent and talked about in the younger crowds is Alison Krauss and Claire Lynch. I believe The Fox Hunt will be one of those young bands talked about by all.
Bluegrass music has a way of making you feel good. It travels from your ears all the way to your toes, electrifying every in its path.
On Friday, November 30, 2007, a few members of my family and I went to 43 South Downtown Hagerstown to watch the band perform live. Watching the four gather 'round a microphone, almost a huddled group, reminded me of the days when my stepfather's bluegrass band, Route 15 Express, practiced for hours on our front porch.
Slowly people started to pile in. Passersby stopped and gazed inside the glass front where the band was set up - many turned to come inside. They mingled with the crowd while setting up their equipment. These four young performers did not seem hesitant; they grabbed their instruments and started pickin'. Several songs were from their album "Nowhere Bound", but the group performed several new pieces, which they say will be on their new album next year.
Their music tells the tale of betrayal, hopelessness, and deliverance. Their performance is raw and heartfelt.
Skull City Records said it perfectly, "Themes of defeat, loss, and missed opportunity abound in the apathetic wonderland his (John Miller) songs create, but by championing the underdog and reminding us that we are all human, his songs allow us to go on feeling more self-worth, unified in our shortcomings. Miller's characteristic doom-and-gloom writing style is countered by the band's creative contra positive, Matt Kline. While often times bleak, Kline's characters are optimistic and hopeful, and while he deals with such universally hard-hitting topics as alcoholism and abandonment, he often does so with forgiveness and an insightful tinge of humor. This emotional roller-coaster is bridled by the driving musicianship of Matthew Metz and Ben Townsend, whose musical influences range from string band music of the early 20th century to indie, and from D.I.Y. punk to arena rock." (Skull-City.com)
The Fox Hunt released their 10-track, home-recorded original album back in April with Skull City Records.
Matt Kline, 23, of Harpers Ferry and John Miller, 21, of Martinsburg, both write songs, sing, and play the guitar. Ben Townsend, 24, of Romney, plays fiddle and banjo and Matt Metz, 25, of Harpers Ferry, plays the mandolin and the banjo.
The songwriting on this album is excellent. "Good Girl", "All Your Roses", and "Lord, We Get High" are a few of my favorite songs. Picking out specific highlights of this album is extremely difficult because there really isn't a bad performance on it - the entire album is a highlight.
The band is superb - totally in sync with one another, which gives the musicians an opening to extend their storytelling talents and instrumental gifts for all to enjoy. "Nowhere Bound" is polished with finely crafted originals. Their artistic vision is strong. They're pretty impressive!
These guys travel all over - Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania and all places in between.
These four young musicians are getting a lot of attention everywhere they go.
"Nowhere Bound" is a fantastic release. Their creativeness will get them far.
To find out more about this young and exciting new group and to download and listen to some tracks from their CD, visit www.myspace.com/lefoxhunt.
* Photo Credit: Skull City, The Fox Hunt
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