It's Only Ink! The Milestones Project

It's Only Ink!
The Milestones Project

"The Milestones Project" is a beautiful book that captures milestone memories such as birthdays and first lost tooth from children all over the world including quotes from Eric Carle on his first day of school, J. K. Rowling on her first pair of glasses, and Daniel San Souci on the love of siblings. Many more inspirational quotes can be found within this book's pages, including words from advocates who work hard to make this world better for all of us. What I really enjoyed reading were the personal notes from little ones, such as these heartwarming words from seven year-old Benji from the USA:
"I had to get stitches becus my frend by axsidient hit me with a golf club. It hert a lot but I did it. I got stitches 2 times. The ferst time I got 5 stitches. The secont time I got 11 stichis."
This book is adorned with spectacular photographs of all kinds from a chocolate-faced baby to a Venezuelan boy playing marbles to several smiling children wearing their first pair of glasses.
"The Milestones Project" is a collection of 23,000 photographs (not all fit into this hardcover book) of children from around the world. Go to the project's website at to see them all.
This reviewer highly recommends this wonderful book for families, schools, libraries, teachers, classrooms, children all over the world!
"" The Milestones Project" is about: growing good-hearted people, one child at a time."

The Milestones Project,
Photography by Dr. Richard Steckel and Michele Steckel
Published by Tricycle Press,
ISBN-13: 9781582461328
ISBN-10: 1582461325
Reading Level: ages 4 and up
Format: Hardcover (cloth), Pages: 64
Price: $17.95

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