Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make: Ages 9 and Up

Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make
Ages 9 and Up

Buttons Galore
Kids can find many ways to use buttons. They can glue buttons to a picture frame and put their picture or some artwork inside. Or, glue buttons to a colorfully painted cardboard box for an interesting keepsake. They could even fill the box with homemade sweets.
The Beat Goes On...A Great gift for siblings
Your kids can mix and record favorite tunes for brothers, sisters or cousins. They can record from the radio or their own CD's. The CD cases can be personalized by using a computer program, stickers or magazine photos.
For Out of Town/Older Relatives
Help them to record a piano recital piece or a melody from their band instrument. Maybe even gather the kids to sing some family tunes. It's such a pleasure to play these tapes and feel like you are there with these budding musicians!
Snowman Pin
These gifts are sure to please. You'll need two white buttons, each with two holes. One button should be larger than the other. Glue the buttons to the back of a jewelry pin. The smaller button with the holes positioned horizontally for eyes and the larger button with the holes vertically for buttons. Cut out a hat from black felt or fun foam and glue to the head. Tie a ribbon around the neck for a scarf.
Decorative Soap Bars
You Will Need:
* Bar of soap (regular or glycerin)
* Paintbrushes
* Aluminum coffee can
* Large pot
* Canning wax or a white candle
* Candle/Soap Paint
Have your children paint designs on the soap with the soap paint (acrylic will also work), while an adult places the coffee can in a pot half-filled with water. Drop in wax and melt it over low heat. Then use a disposable paintbrush to cover the design on top of the soap. Let the wax dry. The protective coating will allow the soap to be used without washing away the picture.
Chocolate melting Spoons
Simply dip colored, sturdy plastic spoons in melted dark, milk or white chocolate (or candy coating) and top with multicolored or glittery sprinkles. Wrap in clear or colored cellophane, tied with ribbon. For a special addition to this yummy gift, glue a photo of your child onto a square of construction paper & make it a gift tag.