Fish News: On the Waterfront

Fish News
On the Waterfront

Nov. 5, Dave Boyce fished the Elizabeth River. His son, Chris, had fished there the day before and they had caught about 35 specks including 2 citations. Dave did pretty much the same thing his son did catching 33 speckled trout in 2.5 hours of fishing.
Nov. 5 was slick calm and my offshore crew was at work. Tricia and I headed out after we got the kids off to school. We stopped at the Chesapeake Light Tower and dropped a couple of baits down. The water temps had dropped into the 60s so I did not think we would catch a jack and we did not but we did not stay very long. We ran out to the Brass Spike and tried for flounder. We caught flounder and sea bass. It was not red hot but there are some fish there. We let everything go. We ran on out to the Triangles. There was a lot of life between the Brass Spike and the Triangles, bait and false albacore all over the surface. We did not put out any spoons so I cannot tell you if there were any kings mixed in though it looked like they should be there. We caught more flounder and sea bass. We were not fishing for the sea bass they just liked our live spot we were using for bait. Tricia found a conger eel that also liked live spot. Instead of helping her with it, I got the camera and took photos of her wrestling match. I should have grabbed the video camera. Tricia caught our one, big flounder. We will never know how much it would have weighed because she decided to release that one too. It was 27 inches. Up to that point, we were releasing everything except for one bluefish that I kept to give us some more flounder bait when the we ran out of spot. I think we may have taken this catch and release thing too far. We did end up keeping a few sea bass after we gut hooked one. We kept a few more to go with it for dinner. It was not epic fishing but there are some nice flounder to be caught out there.
Nov. 4, we had another offshore trip planned and we chickened out again. Something about 12 foot seas at the Weather Buoy had my crew worried. We decided to go home and go back to bed. Later that morning, it was still blowing a bit but we went and hopped in Charles' boat and ran to their secret wreck. This really is a secret wreck. They call it the Honey Hole. Some little piece of structure they found up in the bay. They catch a lot of tautog and flounder from it. I had never been there but had heard all of the stories. We got anchored up and proceeded to catch tautog and puppy drum. Also caught sea bass, blow toad, and striper. Nothing big, but we had plenty of action. Later in the afternoon, it calmed down and we ran to the Cape Henry Wreck thinking we might catch a bigger tog. We caught bigger oyster toads. They were impressive. We did not catch a single tautog. We caught some sea bass and puppy drum. We did some live baiting for flounder at the 4th island on our way back in and caught a striper. They released most everything keeping a couple of togs, a couple puppy drum, and a striper to eat.
Oct. 31, Wes Blow fished the 3rd and 4th of the CBBT. He caught stripers, bluefish and a 27 inch red drum. He tried for flounder at Cape Henry and caught a 46 inch red drum on his flounder pole. That was a nice fight. His biggest striper was 29 inches long. He never did find any flounder.

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