Budget Fun Christmas Gifts

Budget Fun Christmas Gifts
by VH Melville

You don't have to be a scrooge and ban Christmas to have great gifts under a budget. You might want to tailor these ideas for:
1. Use catalog paper for gift wrap. This saves money and helps the environment. Sporting good and toy catalogs can be really cute wrappers.
2. Get a lot of little cheap items that the gift receiver can use such as lip balm, gum, favorite candies, and stickers. Make sure they are age appropriate gifts.
3. For people who love back rubs. Design a back rub coupon and maybe a small back rub item like lotion.
4. Recyclables batters while pricier than some other gifts. Your gift receiver can use them over again.
5. Find out if there are local authors in a genre your family loves doing a book signing and get your loved ones autographed books. Many paperbacks can be reasonable.
6. Write a special children's book for your children with themselves as the characters.
7. Write your spouse a love poem.
8. If you can paint, make paintings for friends of family.