County Comment/Disabled American Veteransí Forget-me-not Month

by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

Itís Disabled American Veteransí Poppy time again in Washington County.
In the August 30th meeting of the Washington County Board of County Commissioners, September was designated DAV Forget-Me-Not Month for 2004.
Lee Michaels and Ted Dundus of the local DAV chapter accepted a proclamation from Commissionerís President Greg Snook.
The DAV offers free services to disabled veterans and their families in filing claims for government benefits as well as resolution of problems regarding employment, health care and counseling, and responds to emergency needs of families of any disabled veteran.
The proclamation cited the need for a continuing sense of gratitude to those veterans who have given so much to protect and preserve the American way of life.
The annual Forget-Me-Not drive will see donation sites at major shopping centers countywide. All contributions will be utilized for disabled veterans and families in the community.