Letter to the Editor: Concerning A Column

Letter to the Editor
Concerning A Column

Dear Sirs:
For a long time I have enjoyed our publication. The articles are varied, interesting and informative. It is truly a great newspaper. However, the paper for the week of October 21, 2007 contained an article by Artie Leary entitled "Voices in My Head" which I found very offensive. No matter how you feel about George Bush, he is our president and therefore demands respect. Perhaps this article was meant to be humorous but I found it insensitive and degrading. This article is certainly not of the caliber, which I have come to expect from your paper. In fact, it was a sock to see an article like that in your otherwise excellent paper.
It's a shame that I haven't written before this to let you know how much I have enjoyed your paper but I couldn't help but respond to Mr. Leary's article. You have accustomed us to a great newspaper; please don't degrade it by inferior articles.
Sincerely, Mrs. Elizabeth Owens of Boonsboro