Horse of The Month/Mount Pleasant Ebbtide

from The Ranger Foundation

Mount Pleasant Ebbtide known to his friends as “Ebby”, a gelded Morgan Horse, retired to The Ranger Foundation in the early winter of 2003. Born around 1974, Ebby was formerly nicknamed “Speedy Gonzales” in the show ring due to his speed and enthusiasm. Before his life of leisure began in Keedysville, he had a long career under saddle, first as a show pony then as a girls’ riding school mount. According to a former owner, Ebby was a great swimmer and was used at a summer camp for children who rode him into a nearby river.
Prior to being gelded, he was a handful and took his dislike for men and farriers seriously. However, by the end of his working life, he became a solid and reliable therapeutic riding horse at Hope Springs Equestrian Therapy located in Chester Springs, PA. Although he has a mild case of the heaves, he spends his days at the Ranger Foundation, lounging in lush pastures with his buddies and waiting for the next meal or the next scratch on the tummy which always brings a smile to his face.
Located at Greenbriar Farm in Keedysville, MD, The Ranger Foundation is a non-profit retirement home for horses that has served people either as police horses, military horses, or therapeutic riding horses. The organization is entirely staffed by volunteers.
The Ranger Foundation has developed a horse sponsorship program for interested individuals or businesses to contribute to the care of a special Ranger horse. The initiative has two purposes. First, “the plan guarantees that the horses will have funding available on a regular basis to meet the horses’ needs,” said Lynn DiCarlo, Ranger’s treasurer.
Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, “it (sponsorship) gives a horse a special someone to look out for it, even if it’s from a distance,” said President, Ann Corcoran.
Sponsorships are $100/month and co-sponsorships are $50/month when paid monthly. A one-time $1000 donation provides a sponsorship for a year. Funds go directly to feed and supplements, veterinary care, and farrier expenses-all needed to keep a horse in excellent condition. Businesses and distant individual sponsors will receive letter updates and photos of their horse. Regular volunteers at Ranger who sponsor a horse have lots of extra opportunities to visit and care for their horse outside or regular Ranger sessions.
Ebby, our September Horse of The Month, is in need of a sponsor! Learn more about The Ranger Foundation, Inc. and sponsoring a horse like Ebby at our website Or call, 301-797-8051.