Fish News: Congratulations on the Promotion Charles Southall

Fish News
Congratulations on the Promotion Charles Southall

Our club's corresponding secretary and past president, Charles Southall, has been named the Director of Advanced Submarine Programs for Northrop Grumman. Very impressive but is he going to have time to fishing? Congratulations on the promotion Charles! I made a trip to Richmond last week and had the pleasure of speaking to the Virginia Anglers Club. It is always fun to visit our fellow clubs. They are a very friendly bunch of top-notch anglers.
Oct. 30, Tricia Neill fished around Goodwin's Island and did not catch any speckled trout. She did catch a bunch of 22-inch striped bass though.
Oct. 27, Tricia, Casey and I fished around some docks in Chisman Creek. Under the lights, we caught a collection of striped bass, gray trout, and speckled trout. All were small, stripers to about 20 inches and trout in the 11-13 inch range.
Oct. 27, Charles Southall fished the HRBT. They caught some small rockfish.
Oct. 27, Darren Foster spent his birthday trolling the Elizabeth River. They caught about 30 speckled trout. Darren registered a 24.5 inch fish for a release citation. Nice birthday present!
Oct. 23, Brandon Honeycutt trolled spoons in the area of the Chesapeake Light Tower. They caught a mixture of false albacore, king mackerel, and Spanish mackerel. Big Spanish mackerel. Brandon weighed one in at 4.8 pounds for his 6th different citation of the year earning him his Expert Angler Award.
Oct. 23, Barclay Shepard fished from the shore of his home on the Poquoson River. He caught puppy drum to 24 inches and speckled trout to 20 inches.
Oct. 21, Wes Blow fished the 3rd island of the CBBT. He caught stripers to 24 inches long on a top-water plug. He then ran over to Cape Henry for flounder. He caught 7 flounder in the 20-22 inch range. Live spot was the best bait. The surprise catch was a 42 inch red drum which he released after a fight of about 10 minutes.
Oct. 21, Dennis Lane and Mac McCormick went to the JRB in Mac's new boat. They caught stripers to 24 inches long and a decent gray trout.
Oct. 19, Brandon Hoheycutt fished Cape Henry and caught a couple of flounder. They then trolled spoons back to the 3rd island, tagging and releasing some red drum.
Oct. 17, Wes Blow burned the big flounder at Cape Henry. He caught 12 big flounder to 27 inches long on live spot. He kept his 5-fish limit and released the rest.
Oct. 17, Gary Donaldson fish for flounder all over. They found fish at the buoy 11 of the Baltimore Channel. They caught 2 keepers and a bunch of shorts. Gary tagged 23 flounder.
Oct. 17, Dennis Lane and Mac McCormick fished the HRBT. They caught rockfish up to 21 inches.

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