It's Only Ink! Little Ruth Reddingford and The Wolf

It's Only Ink!
Little Ruth Reddingford and The Wolf

Hank Wesselman, professor of anthropology has put together a spirited rendition of an old classic. In "Little Ruth Reddingford and The Wolf", Little Ruth Reddingford wants to visit her grandmother. Because her grandmother can't pick her up for their weekly visit, Ruth heads off through the woods by herself. Confronted by school bullies, Ruth runs to her grandmother's house. When a white spirit wolf and a Hopi stick enter the picture, Ruth's Native American background adds an imaginative twist to the story.
Raquel Abreu's vivid full-color illustrations bring Wesselman's words to life. Great for ages 3-8, "Little Ruth Reddingford and The Wolf" would make a wonderful addition to any library-public, home, or school. This reviewer enjoyed reading this wonderful book to her children.

Little Ruth Reddingford and The Wolf retold by Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.
Published by Illumination Arts Publishing Company,
ISBN10: 0974019003
ISBN13: 978-0974019000
Price: 15.95, Hardcover
Reading Level:
Ages 4-8

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