Kickboxing Match in Hagerstown- First in 25 Years

Kickboxing Match in Hagerstown
First in 25 Years

Pit Bull Promotions is pleased to announce that on November 3, 2007 it will host a Pro-Am kickboxing match in Hagerstown. It will be held at the Grand Venice Hotel. The doors open at 6:30pm. And the fights start at 8pm. There will be a total of 6 fights, 3 being Professional and 3 Amateur fights. Pit Bull Promotions is licensed promoters In the State of Maryland.
According to the Athletic Commission this will be the first professional boxing and kickboxing event in Hagerstown in over 25 years. The Maryland Athletic Commission will sanction the event. They will provide all licensed officials through their office. The Professional Kickboxing Federation will also sanction 3 title fights. President Jonas Nunez will be present at the event to award winning belts to the fighter.
The main event will be a PKF world Cruiser weight Title Match. Jose "Ultimate Dragon" SULSONA is the Current World Champion of Elizabeth N.J. He will defend his title against Derik "The Bear" Watson of Potomac M.D. Mr. Nunez has said, "we are going all out to bring the "Best Event Possible" to Hagerstown. We want the spectators to see what our professional sport has to offer." We would also like to make this an ongoing event that we can hold every 3 months. It is extremely exciting to see professional kickboxing to come back to Maryland.
We at Pit Bull Promotions believe Hagerstown can and will support a professional sport. We constantly hear there is noting to do, its just the same old thing. Well hear is your opportunity to see live fights in
Hagerstown. The weigh in will take place on November 2ND At the Grand Venice Hotel starting at 5pm. At this time fighters and officials will be available for interviews along with Jonas Nunez of the PKF. Also scheduled for November 3RD will be Marco Seis for a personal appearance and autograph Signing.
It will take all of us in Hagerstown to show the big boys we have what it takes to hold and maintain a professional sport here. So if you want to see more now is the time to show them we can. Make sure you and your patrons are there to hear the announcer say "Let's Fight."