Fish News: Puppy Drum Seem to be Everywhere

Fish News
Puppy Drum Seem to be Everywhere

The prevailing east winds are keeping anglers on land or in protected waters. The good news is that speckled trout, puppy drum, and spot are giving us plenty to fish for while we wait for some calmer weather. Specks are being caught inside Rudee and Lynnhaven Inlets and inside Back River. The James has been the spot for spot, especially around the MMBT. Some big croakers are also being caught in the James. Puppy drum seem to be everywhere.
The fall striper regulations have been set. These regulations apply to the bay. The ocean regulations are the same as last year, two fish per person with a minimum of 28 inches. The ocean season is open now. The bay season will open on October 4. The regulations will be two fish per person. There will be a no-take slot limit between 28 and 34 inches. One of your two fish may be over 34 inches. From December 10 through December 31 you will be allowed only one fish per person. That fish may be either under or over the no-take slot limit.
Capt. Max King will be the speaker at our October meeting. Nobody is better at catching monster rockfish with live bait.
Sept. 30, I went to the James with Hunter and Charles Southall. We fished the M&M and the ammo pier. No problem catching fish mostly spot. Charles kept a dozen to eat and we put the rest in the livewell. The livewell was full in no time so we put in a call to Lisa Southall and asked if she would be so kind to come and make some more room for us. We met her at the ramp and she took our live fish to my bait barrel. We went back out and filled the livewell again in short order and made it back for the football games. Besides spot, we caught puppy drum, bluefish, striped bass, pigfish, and some big croaker in the 2 lb class. The spot were about 10 inches long. The puppy drum were 23-24 inches long.
Sept. 29, Darren Foster fished inside of Rudee Inlet. After a slow start, they found the sweet spot and caught 25 speckled trout.
Sept. 25, Steve Martin fished out of Hatteras. They caught several dolphin, a sailfish, a king mackerel, a wahoo, several amberjacks, sharks, snappers, triggerfish, sea bass and grouper.
Sept. 25, Capt. Buzzy Evans headed offshore to Wayne's World. They caught wahoo to 54 pounds and a bunch of dolphin.
Sept. 24, after we got the kids off to school, Tricia and I went out to the Chesapeake Light Tower. While I was playing offshore, she was loading the bait barrel with croaker. We fed the croaker to some hungry jack crevalle. After catching all of those we wanted, we headed in for a late lunch. On the way, we came across a school of cobia. We had forgotten our eels. We had given away the rest of our croaker to another boat at the tower. We threw jigs at them and they would follow them. No bites but they did hang around the boat until we gave up on them.

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