Two Special Nighttime Field Trips...To Watch Owl-Banding

Two Special Nighttime Field Trips
...To Watch Owl-Banding

The Potomac Valley Audubon Society is sponsoring two special nighttime field trips this fall to watch an expert catch, band, and release migrating owls on South Mountain, in Washington County, MD.
The trips will be held on Saturday, October 27 and Saturday, November 3. They will start at about 8:30pm and last until about 10:30pm.
These trips have long been a favorite for whole families, and interested members of the public are invited to participate.
The expert who will conduct the banding is Steve Huy, who has been banding owls on the mountain for many years as part of Project OwlNet.
The owls he will be banding are the Northern Saw-Whet Owl, the smallest owl in eastern North America. Visits to his banding site offer a unique opportunity to see these birds up close and learn about their life history.
Pre-registration is essential because space for each trip is limited to 20 persons.
To pre-register for the trips and to get more information, call Carolyn Thomas at 304-267-3115 or write her at
These trips involve a walk over uneven ground and they are therefore not recommended for anyone who needs assistance.
Participants should bring a flashlight and be sure to dress warmly.
The trips will be cancelled if it is raining.