Kid Nation: What Would Happen if Kid's Ran the Nation?

Kid Nation
What Would Happen if Kid's Ran the Nation?

Ask an Adult: Expert Dr. Gregg Steinberg
The reality show "Kid's Nation" and the famous book, "Lord of the Flies" ask the same eternal question, "What would happen to a society run only by children?"
Conducting Talk Show interviews on this topic is author/expert Dr. Gregg Steinburg, who contends that Kid's Nation is a watered down version of the Lord of the Flies book. There are a few adults overseeing the action and they have created the structure to the Kid's Nation society, causing rifts and competition among the groups.
However, according to Dr. Gregg Steinberg, Kid's Nation would end up with same result as Lord of the Flies, if the adults disappeared and this reality show experiment continued.
Said Steinburg, "Children do not have the cognitive abilities to grasp discipline, hard work, and integrity". Without parents to guide them down the right path, we would see tragic consequences with bullying turning into more savagry and lack of discipline turning into to utter chaos."
Dr. Gregg Steinberg, author of Flying Lessons, speaks about developing morals, integrity and ethics in children and how impactful parents can be. Without the appropriate guidance from their parents, Dr. Gregg believes that children would be lost on their own island.

Gregg Steinberg, PhD, is an associate professor of sport psychology at Austin Peay State University. He is ranked by Golf Digest as one of the greatest masterminds of the game.
As a practitioner and internationally known speaker in this field, he is a frequent contributor to Fox News, CNN Headline News, and the Golf Channel.
He is the author of MentalRules for Golf, as well as the associate editor for the Journal of Sport Behavior.
Dr. Steinberg is the head sport psychologist for the United States Golf Teacher Federation and has consulted with many college teams and professional athletes on the mental game.