It's Only Ink! The Dangerous Snake and Reptile Club

It's Only Ink!
The Dangerous Snake and Reptile Club

On their family vacation, Bobby, Danny, and Mike find tad poles, a king snake, and a dinosaur bone to begin their new club "The Dangerous Snake and Reptile Club". Once they return home, they quickly become the talk of the neighborhood. They put together a fabulous show for parents and kids. They're a hit! But there's one problem-the snake is gone!
This reviewer and her children enjoyed this true account of the author's life. "The Dangerous Snake and Reptile Club" by Daniel San Souci is highly recommended.
"In school assemblies across the country, kids have long loved listening to the San Souci brothers' tales of their action-packed, imaginative childhood-a childhood that has provided inspiration for nearly 150 published books. Now kids everywhere can laugh along as they read about these real exploits in this first Clubhouse Book-an uproarious tale of brothers, best friends, and the adventures only they can find." (Ten Speed)
Some of San Souci's other books include: "The Amazing Ghost Detectives", "The Mighty Pigeon Club", and "Space Station Mars".

The Dangerous Snake and Reptile Club by Daniel San Souci
Published by Tricycle Press,
ISBN: 1-58246-131-7
Price: $15.95, Hardcover
Pages: 40
Reading Level: Ages 4 to 7

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