Board of County Commissioners Actions: Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Board of County Commissioners Actions
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Commissioners' President John Barr called for a moment of silence in remembrance of those who gave their lives in the September 11th 2001 tragedies.
Convention and Visitors' Bureau (CVB) President Tom Riford and Mike Kelbaugh of the Hagerstown Softball Association (HSA) brought this request, for $20,000 from the Hotel-Motel tax for lighting at Hagerstown Fairgrounds softball fields. Riford said that during the year, there are several tournaments played in Hagerstown, creating positive local economic impact. Because of a lack of lighting on the softball fields at Fairgrounds park, smaller tournaments utilize Hagerstown, and fewer games are played. The CVB has assisted financially with this fundraising effort. The softball tournaments would greatly increase in number in Washington County with lit fields. A typical tournament brings local economic impact of more than $25,000 in a single weekend. There are about a dozen tournaments scheduled during a year. Teams travel to Hagerstown from throughout the East and Mid-Atlantic. The softball organization said that is that asking for up to $20,000 from the lodging tax would make the project be able to move forward by lighting one field at the fairgrounds. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.
Each week the Board of County Commissioners sets aside time to hear from citizens of Washington County on matters of interest to the Community.
Cindy Downs of the Clear Spring area commented against development in Agricultural Preservation areas.
Laura Brown, Chair of the National Pike Wagon Train festival requested continued Commissioner support for that May event. Typical support has been use of the County Mail Room, inclusion in the County's insurance policy and coverage of overtime for two Sheriff's Deputies assigned to accompany the wagons on their trip across Washington County. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.
Dan Moeller of Rohrersville questioned use of the $12 million set aside in a previous fiscal year budget to assist low-income County residents with increases in property tax. County Administrator Greg Murray stated that Treasurer Todd Hershey is working with the State on a plan for those funds' use.
Real Property Administrator Joe Kuhna brought this request before the Board, to approve the purchase Right of Way (ROW) fee simple and easements for the Mount Aetna Road project. Kuhna told the Board that additional ROW and supporting easements are needed for the construction of the Mt Aetna road project. The ROW and easement acquisitions are for 1,813 square feet, fee simple, and 3,051 sq.ft. of temporary construction easement at 1396 Dual Highway, for a total price of $38,125.00. Funds for the acquisition are available in the current year's Capital Improvement Project budget. The property will be needed as part of the realignment of Mount Aetna Road's intersection with U.S. Route 40. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.