Fish News: Billfish Action

Fish News
Billfish Action

The billfish bite is hot right now. Get out there now if you want to get in on the best billfish action of the year.
The week-long, Don Forman Cobia Tournament sponsored by Bishop Bait and Tackle has concluded. Jorj Head won 1st place with a 66-pound fish. Alan Meetze came in 2nd with a 47 pounder. A 36-pound cobia earned Chris Boyce 3rd place.

Aug. 21, Charles and Hunter Southall caught some Spanish mackerel at York Spit Light. They then ran the buoys and caught a couple of cobia.
Aug. 21, Richard and Brandon Bartlett did some buoy hopping and caught a number of cobia up to 51 pounds.
Aug. 19, thirty-two boats fished the 5th annual Wine, Women and Fishing Tournament held out of Virginia Beach on August 19. This is a "ladies only" charity billfish tournament that raises money for breast cancer research. All billfish are released in the tournament. There are trophies for the top wahoo, dolphin, and tuna weighed in. There were a total of 18 billfish caught during this one-day competition. Striker was the top boat with three white marlin releases. There were five boats with two billfish releases each. Blue marlin were awarded 400 release points. Other billfish counted for 150 points. Ties were broken by the time of release. Triflin released both a blue and a white marlin giving them 550 points and first place in the tournament. Striker's three white marlin earned them 450 points and second place in the tournament. Two boats had single blue marlin releases for 400 points. Fast Cast beat out Canyon Express by releasing their blue marlin about a half hour earlier. Four boats had two white marlin releases giving each of them 300 points. The top wahoo was a 63-pound fish weighed in by Backlash. The top tuna was a 31.8-pound fish weighed in by the Leaky Tiki. Steady Pace took home the dolphin trophy with a 35.8-pound fish. We fished it but did not do so well. We had one marlin hooked up and had 14-year-old Katelyn Southall on the rod. Her first marlin was not to be as the circle hook pulled.
Aug. 19, Wes Blow did some live-baiting at the 4th island of the CBBT. He caught 2 flounder, a nice 22-inch fish and a 27-inch, 8 pound 13 ounce doormat!
Aug. 19, Barclay Shepard fished Back River Reef. It was slow. He caught 2 keeper flounder.
Aug. 18-19, Jorj Head, Matt Rink, Alan Meetze and I'm not sure who all was on their boats, fished the Don Forman Cobia tournament. They caught a total of 8 cobia. The largest weighed about 65 pounds. We will see how they place in the tournament at the club meeting when everyone submits their fish.
Aug. 17, Stan Simmerman did some fishing from his kayak out of Poquoson. He caught 3 speckled trout, 2 rockfish, and a couple of white perch. He was using peeler crab under a bobber.

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