County Comment: Gaming Commission, Office Thank Tip Jar Operators

County Comment
Gaming Commission, Office Thank Tip Jar Operators
by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

Penny Pittman, Chair of the Washington County Gaming Commission (WCGC) and Jim Hovis, Gaming Office Director, have issued thanks to those business and organizations that have generated funds benefiting local charities and Emergency Services.
The message stated that on August 7, 2007, the Gaming Commission announced the distribution of 2.9 million dollars to local charities from the Gaming Fund. Since 1995, the Gaming Commission has distributed 34.9 million dollars to 192 local charities. As a result, thousands of Washington County residents have benefited from Washington County's charitable gaming program.
Those most responsible for the success of Washington County Gaming are the clubs, taverns, liquor stores, and restaurants that have chosen to be licensed tip jar operators. Over the past 12 years that 34.9 million dollars has been generated by the businesses for distribution by the WCGC. Without their efforts and support Washington County Gaming would have undoubtedly failed. The patrons of these businesses should also be recognized for their support. Without their patronage tip jar operators would have no incentive to participate in Washington County's charitable gaming program. The figures show that the citizens of Washington County continue to support and have trust in Washington County Gaming, the message said.
The Washington County Board of County Commissioners, and the Washington County Delegation past and present should also be recognized for the success of Washington County Gaming. As a result of their hard work and efforts in 1995, they were able to pass legislation establishing the Gaming Commission and the County's charitable gaming program. In recent years they have shown their continued support of Washington County Gaming by defeating legislation that threatened State control of our program, the statement read.
The Gaming Office and Gaming Commission wish to thank everyone responsible for the successes of charitable gaming in Washington County. Through your efforts you have made our county a better place to live and do business, the message concluded.