It's Only Ink! How the Moon Regained Her Shape

It's Only Ink!
How the Moon Regained Her Shape

Moon was happy - dancing and until she danced in front of the sun. Sun told Moon to move, "no one needs her". Moon walked away sadly - shrinking in size. Comet, her friend, told her to visit Round Arms on earth. She would help the moon feel big and useful again. So she did.
Round Arms took Moon around to all her friends so they could tell her why they need her.
The moon is as needed as the sun and the rain. "How the Moon Regained Her Shape" was influenced by Native American folktales.
This magical story is uplifting and heartwarming. Children of all ages are sure to enjoy it. ILLUSTRATOR, Ben Hodson, gives Moon and her friends depth and character - bringing them to life.
Heller's depiction of the many phases of the moon works as a life lesson for kids. Her book would work wonderfully in an elementary classroom setting for this reason and because it covers topics such as bullying, building self-confidence, and friendship.
"How the Moon Regained Her Shape" has been honored by Children's Book Council International Reading Association and is an IRA-CBC Children's Choice's Award recipient.
This reviewer and her children thoroughly enjoyed Heller's story book.

How the Moon Regained Her Shape by Janet Ruth Heller
Published by: Sylvan Dell Publishing (.com)
ISBN: 0-9764943-4-5
Price: $15.95

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