It's Only Ink! In Jesse's Shoes

It's Only Ink!
In Jesse's Shoes

Allie has a huge responsibility and an even bigger role in her big brother Jesse's life. Jesse is special. The majority of parents have hopefully taught their children not to stare or not to tease children who are different than they are.
In "In Jesse's Shoes", Allie struggles to understand her brother. Every morning she walks him to the bus before catching her own. And every morning a group of kids, waiting for their bus, makes fun of Jesse and the way he behaves.
Allie feels like she's just as bad as those kids because she doesn't know what to say to take up for him. She just needs to wait for the right moment - God will tell her how when the time is right.
There's one thing Allie doesn't know about Jesse - he has a lot he can teach her - she just has to be willing to put herself "In Jesse's Shoes".
This reviewer and her children absolutely loved Lewis' book and highly recommends it for all elementary and middles school children.
Lewis' book is full of colorful and life-like drawings by creative illustrator Laura Nikiel.
Families everywhere will surely benefit from reading Lewis' inspirational story.

In Jesse's Shoes: Appreciating Kids With Special Needs by Beverly Lewis
Published by: Bethany House,
ISBN-10: 0-7642-0313-4
Release: October 2007
Price: See Publisher's website

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