It's Only Ink! The Amazing Ghost Detectives

It's Only Ink!
The Amazing Ghost Detectives

Danny, Mike, Andy, and the rest of the gang are at it again in "The Amazing Ghost Detectives" by Daniel San Souci, except this time someone or something broke into (or out of) their clubhouse. With the help of Allison, a supernatural expert, the gang begins to investigate. Can it be a ghost? Or is it a neighborhood kid? Whoever it is the clubhouse boys, Allison, and Molly the k-9 detective are determined to solve the case.
Author and Illustrator, Daniel San Souci, has written a wonderful children's picture book. His illustrators are vivid, comical, and bring the boys and their friends to life.
Reading San Souci's clubhouse books brings me back to my childhood when imagination and play took over my days. His book would work wonderfully in a classroom setting. It's easy-to-read and is perfect for beginning readers.
Children of all ages are sure to enjoy this fantastic book. This reviewer and her children enjoy reading all the clubhouse books. We highly recommend you storing up your own copies for your home library.

The Amazing Ghost Detectives by Daniel San Souci
Published by: Tricycle Press,
ISBN-10: 1-58246-165-1
Release: Summer 2007
Price: $15.95

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