It's Only Ink! The Blossoms' Ball

It's Only Ink!
The Blossoms' Ball

The Day Fairy starts the book by awakening the flower children. First, Miss Rose, a teacher at School of Flowers, gives her pupils a lesson on drawing, then she teaches them their dance lessons and helps them sew their costumes. This all must be done before the flower children can debut in the garden.
On the day of their debut, a frog plays the accordion, a mouse plays the drums and crickets strum the delicate cords of the violin. Sun helps by drying up the rain from the night before and by opening the blossom petals. Everyone is ready.
Danielle Stein-Aubert's book is fun, magical, and cleverly imaginative. Inspiration, trying something different and having fun are all key to making this story work.
Children are sure to enjoy the beautiful fairies, the funny elves, and the precious flower children.
Virginie Peyre's illustrations bring Primrose, Miss Rose, Poppy, Buttercup and all the flower children to life.
Find out if the flower children make the opening curtain call by getting yourself "The Blossoms' Ball" by Danielle Stein-Aubert.

The Blossoms' Ball by Danielle Stein-Aubert
Published by: Tricycle Press,
ISBN: 1-58246-096-5
Release: Summer 2007
Price: $12.95

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