When Low Carb isn't Low Carb

When Low Carb isn't Low Carb
by VH Melville

I do not practice low carb diets but I have many friends who do. I've seen many tricks used to make high carb foods seem like a low carb health food. Many manufactures did the same trick during the early 90s.
I gained a lot of weight going off my wonderful deal a meal to do the low fat diet. I didn't know about all the sugar and calories that were loaded within.
How do low carb diets really work?
Many people tell you that low carb diets have nothing to do with low calorie diets and that is actually wrong. They tested people on low carb diets in a hospital setting.
The low carvers ate less over all calories. Calories still matter. The protein fills up the person on the diet.
Net Carb Deception: Some companies were reducing serving size and calling the food low carb.
Health risk for women in child bearing age: If you are a woman and avoid bread make sure your getting enough folic acid by seeing a dietitian or doctor.