It's Only Ink! Space Station Mars

It's Only Ink!
Space Station Mars

Part of a series, Daniel San Souci's books of Danny Bill, Bobby Mike, and Andy and their clubhouse buddies. In "Space Station Mars' the club members are on another top-secret mission - this time to contact aliens! Danny (who the voice of the book is written in), remembers seeing a meteor hit Mrs. Gray's backyard. So the next morning, all the boys went to her yard, grabbed the meteor then they headed back to their clubhouse to make protective gear (out of cardboard boxes). Now it's time to investigate. Is it a meteor? Is it radioactive? Can the boys solve the mystery before it becomes a neighborhood problem? And will they ever get to talk to a real live alien?
Find out by getting your hands on "Space Station Mars" by Daniel San Souci today.
Visit for a world of clubhouse fun.
The author, Daniel San Souci, who is also the illustrator, brings the clubhouse characters to life. Each page is adorned with colorful images - from homemade head gear to maps of the galaxy - there's plenty to look at. Elementary-aged children are sure to love the clubhouse series.
This book would make a fun addition to an elementary school teacher's plans of exploring the planets and outer space.

Space Station Mars by Daniel San Souci
Published by: Tricycle Press,
ISBN: 978-1-58246-1885
Release: Sumer 2007
Price: $ 15.95

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