Bugs, Germs and Blood...Hands-On Civil War Medicine

Bugs, Germs and Blood
...Hands-On Civil War Medicine

Monday - Friday, July 16-July 20, 2007 from 1pm-4pm, the National Museum of Civil War Medicine is having a Kids On Campus event at Frederick Community College for ages 8-12.
Do you have any idea how much of today's medical practices are rooted in Civil War history and science? In this interactive class, we won't just tell you, we'll show you! We'll take you back to the life and times of a Civil War soldier and the medical teams of the time. You'll explore their lives and role play many of their day-to-day activities, starting with recruitment.
You'll learn about disease with hands-on activities focusing on sanitation and disease transmission, nutrition, triage, transportation, and technology-including viewing a surgical amputation! You'll see how our ancestors planned for disaster and create your own plan.
For information, contact Leslie Ruby, Camp Coordinator, Frederick Community College, Frederick, MD 301-624-2820 or email Lruby@frederick.edu.