Father's Day Gifts That Won't Break the Bank

Father's Day Gifts That Won't Break the Bank
by VH Melville

Do you want to get your dad something but you don't have much cash? Here's a few inexpensive ideas that he is sure to love.
1. Bake him his favorite cookies or cake. You may even find recipes for special needs like those watching their carbs and for diabetics. Finding recipes is easy - ask your grandma, mom, or search the Internet.
2. Gift baskets make a great gift as well. Many companies sell already-made gift baskets, but you can make your own. You can get baskets at thrift stores or at your favorite store. Then fill it up with small things that your dad likes, i.e. a book on sports, his favorite snack food, remote holders, drink cozies, gift certificates and more.
3. Dad coupons: You can make chore coupons for things for you can do for your dad like wash his car or take out the trash. Maybe even offer hugs and kisses and his leisure.
4. If your dad likes video games or computers you can get him a gift card to his favorite computer store. Put it in a special singing card or small gift box.