TV Talk! Kyle XY

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Kyle XY

First Appeared: June 26, 2006
Returning on: June 11, 2007
When is it on?: Mondays at 8pm EST on the ABC Family Channel
Starring: Matt Dallas, Marguerite MacIntyre, Bruce Thomas, April Matson and Jean-Luc Bilodeau.
Summary: A teenage boy is found wondering in traffic, naked and confused. With no memory of who he is or where he is from, Kyle is sent to a Juvenile Detention center, where it is discovered he has no belly button. His psychologist takes him into her home and he soon is introduced to the world of teenagers, parties, video games and other human activities. He has the ability to get through a two-hour IQ test in five minutes, with a perfect score to boot. Kyle soon becomes accustomed to life, but there is a mysterious stranger following his every move.