It's Only Ink! Edgar & Ellen #3: Under Town

It's Only Ink!
Edgar & Ellen #3: Under Town
by Charles Ogden
Published by Tricycle Press,
ISBN: 1-58246-126-0
Price: $12.95 Hardcover

Edgar & Ellen are two ill-behaved twins who like to confuse and frustrate residents of Nod's Limbs. Pulverizing bricks and using as playground mulch or taking care of an overgrown junkyard carnivorous plant named Berenice is just a typical day for these spooky grade school twins. As much as they enjoy terrorizing Nod's Limbsians, Edgar & Ellen discover in book #3 UNDER TOWN that someone called The Mason is stealing all their little pranks, while coming up with a few new ones. How dare they? Nod's Limbs is Edgar & Ellen's to threaten. Now they must race UNDER TOWN to discover the identity of The Mason so they can start horrifying the residents once again.
Charles Ogden's entertaining book will keep you guessing and make you laugh while you read the intricate schemes the twins put together. EDGAR & ELLEN: UNDER TOWN by Charles Ogden and illustrated by Rick Carton is a real page-turner.
This reviewer found Ogden's gothic-themed book hard to put down, and highly recommends this fantastic piece of children's literature for ages 9 and up.

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