Public Comment on Draft 2007

City of Hagerstown Advisory
Public Comment on Draft 2007

The City of Hagerstown is seeking public comment on the draft 2007 Comprehensive Plan. The City's Planning Commission and consultant, Environmental Resources Management of Annapolis, have completed two years of work in drafting the analyses, policies and strategies for the City's update to the 1997 Comprehensive Plan. The draft 2007 Comprehensive Plan is the guide for land use, growth management and public facilities and services for the City of Hagerstown for the next 20 years. Growth management and revitalization are particular points of emphasis in the 2007 draft Plan. As required by State law, the City will initiate an analysis and update of the Comprehensive Plan again in six years time.
The City's Planning Department sent the draft 2007 Comprehensive Plan out for the mandatory 60 day public review period late last week and early this week. CD's of the draft Plan have been distributed to the Maryland Department of Planning, Washington County, the Towns of Funkstown and Williamsport, various other local stakeholders and the public library inviting input on the draft Plan. The draft Plan is also posted on the City's web site at listings/planning. The Planning Department is preparing a powerpoint presentation on the draft Plan to assist with the public outreach effort.
The first presentation of the draft Plan will be at a joint City/County Planning Commission meeting on May 30 at 7:00pm in the Council Chamber. This meeting will be an opportunity for the City Planning Commission to present our draft Plan and to receive input from the County Planning Commission on the draft Plan's many recommended strategies for the future of our community.
City Planning staff will also make a presentation at the next quarterly meeting of Neighborhoods 1st groups on June 7 at 8:00pm at Elgin Station. For information about this meeting or to learn about the City's Neighborhoods 1st program, contact or call (301) 766-4055.
Any group or organization interested in receiving a presentation on the City's draft 2007 Comprehensive Plan should contact Planning staff at or (301) 739-8577, ext. 138.
The Planning Commission's public hearing on the draft 2007 Comprehensive Plan is tentatively scheduled for July 25 at 7:00pm in the Council Chamber. At this meeting, the Planning Commission will invite testimony from the general public in reaction to the draft Plan's recommendations for our community. After final review of the draft Plan following the public hearing, it is anticipated that the Planning Commission will forward their recommended draft Plan to the Mayor and City Council in early autumn for their review and ultimate adoption.