Fish News: Panama Fishing

Fish News
Panama Fishing

The sailfish bite is on at Panama. That is my firsthand news. More locally, Ric Burnley spent the week fishing the Outer Banks. He caught big red drum in the surf and yellowfin tuna and wahoo offshore in the area of the Point. The first black drum have been caught. This bite should really take off over the next couple of weeks. Big red drum will soon follow. Croaker are being caught up in the rivers. Tautog action is good at the CBBT. The Hump has been the hot spot for flounder this past week.
Capt. Craig Paige will be the speaker at our May meeting. He will be talking about catching trophy-sized flounder. Nobody catches more doormats than Craig.
Virginia's big billfish tournament is scheduled for Aug. 22-25. Visit for details.
April 13-22, Tricia and I fished out of Panama. We had a blast. First, we would like to thank John Graves and Guy Harvey for recommending the Tropic Star Lodge to us. I had asked them where to take Tricia while I was fishing with them in Venezuela during the filming of Guy's TV show on white marlin (which should be airing tomorrow and Saturday). Fishing was great in Venezuela but it can be a bit rough there and there was not a lot for Tricia to do if she decided not to fish a day. [Cut to fit]
April 22, Gary Donaldson, Ruth and Mac McCormick fished the Warwick River from their kayaks. They caught a bunch of catfish and some croaker.
April 22, Barclay Shepard fished the Hump. He caught flounder to 23.5 inches long.
April 21, Charles and Hunter Southall went out after tautog. They caught fish up to 19 inches long.
April 21, Frank Kearney fished the Hump. They caught 12 keeper flounder up to 23 inches long.
April 13 and 14, Barclay Shepard fished the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica while filming the Smoking Gun Outdoors TV series. They caught gram slams each day. On Friday the 13th, one of their expensive cameras did take a saltwater bath. They had extras so all is good. The total catch was 2 blue marlin, 2 striped marlin, 5 sailfish, 3 dolphin, and 2 yellowfin tuna.
April 14, Matt Rinck fished the CBBT for tautog. They caught 11 up to 7 pounds. They then tried for flounder at the 3rd and 4th Islands. They caught 7 but only two were long enough to keep.
April 14, Kim Rideout fished the CBBT. They caught 24 tautog up to 20 inches long.
April 9, Frank Kearney fished the curve of the 3rd island of the CBBT. They came in with 9 keeper flounder up to 24 inches long.
April 9, The Jil Carrie made a trip offshore and returned with sea bass to 4 lb 10 oz and blueline tilefish to 15 lb 7 oz.

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