Weeds, Trash and Debris Abatement Ordinance-

Weeds, Trash and Debris Abatement Ordinance

The City of Hagerstown's Office of Code Compliance wants to thank residents for their efforts in maintaining their properties and remind everyone of the Weeds, Trash and Debris Abatement Ordinance.
"Hagerstown has so many residents that take pride in their properties," stated Hagerstown's Chief of Code Compliance John Lestitian. "You can see our residents keeping their sidewalks free of weeds, mowing their grass, removing trash, painting, making repairs and so much more." Mr. Lestitian went on to explain that the Office of Code Compliance is encouraging all residents to join in the clean up and make this Hagerstown's most beautiful spring ever. "We also want to remind residents that the City of Hagerstown does have a Weeds, Trash and Debris Abatement Ordinance, and that the goal is to have all residents voluntarily comply before there is ever a need to issue a notice. In summary the ordinance states that for those who do not keep their properties free of weeds, trash and debris, the City will initiate the clean up and bill the owner."
According to Hagerstown's Community Development Coordinator Cindy Blackstock, "The City of Hagerstown is also looking for volunteers for the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program which assists those in need to help maintain their properties. If you are interested in assisting with the program or if you live in an owner-occupied house and need help in cleaning up your yard or sidewalk, please call the Community Development Department at 301-739-8577 x191.