TV Talk! Raines

TV Talk!

If you enjoy Medium, Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Whisperer, then you'll love NBC's newest show, Raines.
Michael Raines, a LAPD Detective, played by Jeff Goldblum, thinks he is going crazy because he sees the murder victims at crime scenes and on and off as the crime is investigated. He feels they are figments of his imaginatin, however, this does not keep him from speaking to them. If he continues to think this way, then he can better process and solve the crime. His therapist helps him through his visions by allowing him to speak about it openly.
Raines is an excellent show if you like ghosts and criminal dramas.
When it is on: Thursdays at 10pm EST on NBC
Starring: Jeff Goldblum as Michael Raines
Matt Craven as Captain Daniel Lewis
Dov Davidoff as Officer Remi Boyer
Linda Park as Officer Michelle Lance
Nicole Sullivan as Carolyn Crumley
Malik Yoba as Charlie Lincoln
Madeleine Stowe as Samantha Kohl