It's Only Ink! Unicorn Races

It's Only Ink!
Unicorn Races

Written by a former Federal Agent, "Unicorn Races" is a beautiful story of a young girl named Abigail who travels to a magical land of imagination. Before falling asleep, she dresses in her favorite princess dress and shoes and waves her princess wand. With her glittering crown and on the back of a maginificent unicorn of noble descent, she heads to a lit clearing where a glorious feast has been prepared by elves and fairies.
Now is the time for the unicorn race. Stephen J. Brooks' tale would make a wonderful bedtime story for young children - their dreams will surely go to magical places.
Linda Crockett's beautiful watercolor illustrations bring Abigail and her magical friends to life.
"Unicorn Races" by Stephen J. Brooks is easy-to-read and would work well in a classroom setting.
As a Federal Agent, Brooks provided a safe and secure environment for children. He now dedicates himself to writing stories that provide the same type of security.
As a writer and mother of three, I highly recommend this fantastic book for children.

Unicorn Races by Stephen J. Brooks
Published by: Purple Sky Publishing, LLC
Released: 2007
ISBN: 0-9769017-3-0
Price: $16.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese, a writer from Maryland. Visit her online at: