Points to Ponder: Breakfast with God

Points to Ponder
Breakfast with God

I am often amazed at how patient God is with us. While driving between appointments, in a mad rush to get so many things done within a day, I learned an interesting and convicting lesson. I had 45 minutes that morning, and after having heard a message on the priority of spending time with God, I decided to go to a fast food restaurant for breakfast and enjoy thirty of those spare minutes in His Word. Breakfast with God, what a nice thing to do. I felt good that I could get that time.
Well, I stood at the counter for twenty minutes waiting for hotcakes. The man behind me got his right away (and he arrived ten minutes after I had!). As the minutes ticked away and the manager, upon observing what was happening, chose not to get involved, I asked for my money back. I was angry and I did rather well at containing it. Having walked in with a Bible in my hand, I didn't need to do something embarrassing. What made me even hotter about it was the lack of concern on the faces of the cooks and the staff in general. When they heard me ask for my money back, a supervisor quickly grabbed a coupon for a free meal, shoved it across the counter to me, and dutifully apologized. But no one really cared. As a paying customer I should matter, but I don't.
And so I lost that spare time and that opportunity to spend time with God. I was really mad. And the Holy Spirit brought to my mind the question: "What are you mad about?" I cited the lost time, the disrespect, and the lack of concern on the part of the staff. And then it hit me. Isn't this how God feels? We treat God just like that staff treated me. My money pays their wages. And God's love for us gives us life.
But what's more convicting is that I treated God as One who is reserved for spare time. This is not a regular occurrence for me, but when burdens and obligations begin crushing me, the first one to be set-aside for when I have the time is God. Somehow, everything else seems so much more pressing than Bible reading and prayer. And yet it is the purposeful, logical (in the world's view) step of taking time early with God that helps me gain perspective on all that is before me that day or week. And you know, I've even found that God knows more about it and can even give me sound leadership and advice in every area of life. Being God does give Him an edge, I suppose.
The lesson I learned that day is this: If I allow the outside, external circumstances of my life to dictate my relationship and devotional time with God, who is going to be in control of what? If God is first and sets the pace for my day and week, can't I trust Him to help me deal with the rest?
As Romans 8:31-32 reminds us: "If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare His own Son but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?"
Have you looked at God's Word today? Have you asked for His guidance? Have you made yourself available to Him and to His will for your life?

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