Fish News: Daily Reports & Notable Catches

Fish News
Daily Reports & Notable Catches

Our next club meeting is on April 17. Last week, I wrote that Ric Burnley will be speaking. Ric will speak at our September meeting. Barclay Shepard will be speaking this month on red and black drum fishing. The timing is perfect as the big drum will be biting soon.
The Peninsula Chapter of the CCA is holding their annual banquet and auction on April 25. Tickets are $50 for individuals, $75 for a couple. Contact Nelson Ortiz for more information at 757-826-0562.
April 2, we ran back offshore and bottom fished. We started out in about 50 fathoms where we caught a bunch of blueline tilefish and some sea bass. Tim Hatok caught our largest tile at about 16 pounds. After we had filled most of the coolers (Jorj Head was with me again and he brought another large cooler to fill along with some extra crankers), we ran out to deeper water to see what we could find. We found a mother load of wreckfish along the walls of the Norfolk Canyon in about 100 fathoms. We had a blast trying to pull these guys out of the rocks. There were some that we could not budge. We also caught some orange-colored fish, which may be blackbelly rosefish.
April 1, Steve Martin fished at buoy 36A for flounder. They caught a total of 19 flounder with 11 of them meeting the new 18.5-inch minimum size. The largest was 23 inches long.
March 31, Kim Rideout headed offshore for some offshore bottom fishing. They caught a bunch of dogsharks, some nice sea bass and tilefish including a very special blueline tilefish. Rick Wineman cranked up a fish that weighed in at 19 pounds 14 ounces. This fish will become the new state record and the all-tackle world record. Way to go guys!
March 31, John Hunt fished out of Hatteras. They caught 2 wahoo, 1 yellowfin tuna, and a bunch of fat alberts. He said that the boats fishing further north had better catches of yellowfin.
March 31, Ken Braddy fished the 4th island of the CBBT for tautog. They caught 23 tautog up to 8 pounds.
Notable Catches:
March 31: Roger Burnley: from VA Beach: Tautog: 9 pounds and a 23" release: Brass Spike
April 2: Tim Hatok: from Poquoson: Blueline Tilefish: 15 pounds 15 ounces: Norfolk Canyon and Bob Manus: from Gloucester: Blueline Tilefish: 10 pounds 8 ounces: Norfolk Canyon

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