Board of County Commissioners Actions: Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Board of County Commissioners Actions
Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cyrus Lesser, Mike Cantwell and Peter Jiang of the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) brought this discussion of the County-wide Mosquito Control program before the Board. MDA requested that Washington County consider providing funds to maintain and improve the cooperative mosquito control program or consider alternatives to the current program. Currently the program is funded by the 8 communities in the county, which choose to participate with 50% matching funds from the state. Development, stormwater management practices, West Nile virus and the arrival of an invasive mosquito species have increased the complexity and cost of providing adequate service MDA said. Recruiting and retaining seasonal employees was also seen as an issue of concern. Current funding is not sufficient to provide a quality program. Options included continuing current program operations; modifying the current program funding by the addition of matching county funds; turning over the responsibility of the program to a county agency with a continuation of state matching money at the current level; or privatizing mosquito control and requiring communities to contract with private businesses for mosquito control service. MDA said about $7,500 would be needed from the County for full service, and if the status of the operation remained as is, about $3,500 would be needed. MDA was requested to provide a job description for a potential employee, and present the information to the Board at a later date.
Vince Dellaposta and Dick Everhart of the Parent-Child Center (PCC) Board of Directors brought this request for funds for renovation and programs before the Board. PCC found it necessary to recently install a new heating and air conditioning system at a cost of $20,000, and make an additional $20,000 in repairs to its building. A letter from the Center Board to the Commissioners stated that PCC is solely dependant upon local donations and fund raising activities. The request was for $150,000 annually in the Commissioners' budget. Commissioner Kercheval stated that private non-profit groups must be on the approved list of organizations to which the Commissioners may make direct donations, and said the County Attorney's Office would find if the Center was on that list. If not, the group would need to make an application.