Fish News: Notable Catches & Flounder Regulations

Fish News
Notable Catches & Flounder Regulations

The 2007 flounder regulations have been set. We have an 18.5-inch minimum size, a 5 fish bag limit, and closed seasons of January-March and July 23-28.
Our first regular club meeting of the year will be on March 20th. Keeping with tradition, the VSWFT Director, Claude Bain, III will be the speaker at our first meeting of the year. There is always a good crowd for this one.
Feb. 25, we went out deep-dropping in an area to the north of where we have been fishing. We owe Darren Foster a big thank-you for sending us up there. Tilefish two at a time until we just got tired of cranking those things up and we had more fish than we wanted to clean. It was a nice class of fish averaging in the 5-8 pound range. We did not catch any monsters but we did weigh-in three citations up to Steve Martin's 14 pound 4 ounce fish. We were fishing in about 50 fathoms. We did try dropping over the 100-fathom curve for grouper and golden tiles and caught dogfish. We stopped on a wreck in the area and caught 4 small wreckfish. We had a number that we did not slow down and they broke us off. Everyone is sore today. We may have to fish for something shallower next time. Bob Manus earned the name Sponge Bob when he showed up last month with a bunch of yellow sponge cubes that he had cut out of big kitchen sponge. While the rest of us were using regular baits, he caught the heck out of the sea bass on these sponges that he would dip in menhaden oil. Well on this trip, he took it a step further and just fished with the sponges, skipping the menhaden oil. He caught tilefish two at a time with the rest of us. He found that wreckfish will eat a plain sponge also. We may be spending too much money on bait.
Feb. 17, Barclay Shepard fished for stripers along Virginia Beach without any success. They found plenty of marks on their fish finder and there were plenty of birds. The fish had no interest in their trolled baits or their drifted eels.
Notable Catches:
February 25: Steve Martin: from Williamsburg: Blueline Tilefish: 14 pounds 4 ounces: Norfolk Canyon
Ken Neill, III: from Seaford: Blueline Tilefish: 11 pounds 9 ounces: Norfolk Canyon
Bob Manus: from Gloucester: Blueline Tilefish: 10 pounds 1 ounce: Norfolk Canyon

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