Board of County Commissioners Actions: Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Board of County Commissioners Actions
Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Budget and Finance Director Debra Murray brought the first of many discussions on the County's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) before the Board. Murray gave the new Board an overview of projected revenues, beginning with transfer taxes and the excise tax. Excise tax revenue has experienced a slowdown due to housing market factors. Housing unit projections are down for the first 6 months of the fiscal year. About 637 units were expected to be built from July-December of 2006, but only 225 permits were issued. The lack of excise revenue will impact the 6-year CIP Murray said. Debt affordability was also reviewed, along with debt capacity analysis and debt service as a percent of General Fund Revenues.
Each week the Board of County Commissioners sets aside time to hear from citizens of Washington County on matters of importance to the community.
Williamsport Councilman Jeff Cline thanked County Staff for providing information on growth in Washington County used for a presentation to the Maryland Municipal League.
Dan Moeller of Rohrersville commented on the Charter Home Rule Committee, on utility debt being paid by users of the system, and against a proposal for graduated excise taxes based on the size of new homes.
Diane Eves of Hagerstown commented on Property Tax assessments and credit card debt.
Vicki Sadehvandi of CASA and Carl Galligan of the CASA Board requested reappointment of Galligan and the measure was approved.
Karen Lucas of Discover Station invited the Commissioners to attend a Corporate Open House from 5-7 p.m. on Wednesday January 31st.
Tom Grosh of Williamsport commented on the Agricultural Preservation program and the need to recognize the C&O Canal National Park as preserved land in making Ag Preservation easement decisions.
Commissioner's President John Barr presented the Youth Meritorious Award for January 2007 to Kirsten Rhodes of Clear Spring. Daughter of Kenneth Rhodes and Stacey Canoy, Kirsten is an 8th Grade student at Clear Spring Middle School, has been on the Distinguished Honor Roll or Honor Roll throughout Middle School. She participated in then spelling bee for grade 7, received CHARACTER COUNTS! Recognitions, and tutors other students. Kirsten received Star Awards in grades 6 and 7. In the Community, she has participated in Jump Rope for the Heart Association, and planted a tree on church grounds in memory of a child who had passed away. Clear Spring counselor Earl Meagher said, "Kirsten has been nominated because she is cooperative, kind to others and an extremely motivated student." The Washington County Community Partnership for Children and Families Community Outreach Committee makes the selection based on a student's academic, community and leadership qualities.