Wisdom from a Furry Friend: Boggie, A Beautiful Cat, Indeed

Wisdom from a Furry Friend
Boggie, A Beautiful Cat, Indeed

My name is Boggie and I am an older cat. I am between 3 and 8 years old and I came to live at the Humane Society of Washington County because my parents were moving and couldn't take me along. I am a very sweet cat. I love to lie in the sun and relax. I am a tabby over white cat with short smooth hair. My nose is a lovely shade of pink and I have gentle green eyes. I hear people say how beautiful I am all the time.
Last month my friend Powder told you about hypothermia. He asked me to tell you and your parents what happens when hypothermia turns into frostbite. It is interesting but small, short-haired dogs and most cats do not do well in the cold. Our tolerance is very low. Even going out side for just a short time can result in our paws getting too cold and we begin to shiver. Our parents should never let us stay outside when the weather is cold.
If our parents let us outside they need to check and make sure we aren't shivering, that there aren't any icicles on our face or body and that our skin is a bright healthy red. If we stay outside too long we need to get warm quickly. If a particular part of our body, such as our ears or paws are affected our parents should apply a warm moist towel to the affected area. They can gently dry off the area but they should never rub or massage the frozen tissue. And they should never submerge us in the tub because it can cause your body temperature to drop and that can lead to hypothermia.
They should also wrap us in a blanket to start getting us warmer and to keep us from hurting ourselves. You see- frostbitten skin is painful and we might try to get rid of the pain by pulling at the area that is in pain. We can hurt ourselves when we do that. If we look like the cold has hurt us the most important thing is to get us to a veterinarian quickly.
So why not stop by the Humane Society of Washington County real soon and make a cat, dog, bunny or guinea pig very happy by giving them a forever home.

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