The Dinner Diva: Body Clutter Assessment

The Dinner Diva
Body Clutter Assessment

Now is the time to make an assessment of how you've done with your goals. For me, keeping the body clutter off that I lost in 2005 was one my goals (okay, truth be told, I wanted to take a little bit more off, isn't that typical?). Anyway, I didn't accomplish that goal. I've noticed that I am (unfortunately) one of those people who has to regularly attend the School of Hard Knocks. I think I'm earning my doctorate, to be honest.
You see, I've gained a little of my body clutter back. The reason? I got lazy and let go of some of my previous "rules" for myself. I know my body, I know what I can and cannot do, so why do I think I can somehow fool myself?
So here it is, the top 10 lessons I learned in the food department of life that I hope you'll just take my word on without having to go through them yourself!
1- Everything counts. Yes, even a bite. Our bodies run on simple math-too much will show up on your body.
2- Everything counts, number 2. Standing over a sink eating, eating in the car, eating in front of an open refrigerator, all adds up when it comes time to a morning of reckoning on the scale.
3- "Just this once" or other such similar phrase usually means I am setting myself up for a downward spiral in eating and it will take a few pounds gained before I address it to knock some sense into me.
4- Good for me food doesn't mean it's a free for all. Portions matter and I don't need as much as I think.
5- Being "good" in a restaurant means not finishing everything on my plate. I still think clean plate and I don't need to do that! Restaurants typically give you enough to feed 3-4 people-bag it up and take it home!
6- The only "free" food is water. Everything else has something in it and will ultimately count when I step on the scale, including a glass of wine or a nip of eggnog!
7- The scale is my friend. If the numbers have gone up, it's a wake up call to fix whatever it is that I am doing to cause them to go up. Getting on it every morning keeps me honest.
8- Movement is not optional. If I don't exercise, the numbers go up-even if I eat like a bird. I have a thyroid issue. The only way to keep it in check for me is to exercise daily, eat small meals and take my medication everyday.
9- It's okay to be hungry. I've been so paranoid about being hungry (that's when I overeat) that I've taken to eating too many times a day and inadvertently, putting on a few pounds because of not being aware. Becoming friends with hunger keeps my food in check-a little bit hungry is okay.
10- A food diary is essential! It's way too easy to get lax, forget and eat unconsciously. Food is an issue for me-I need to stay aware by making sure what I write down is the same thing that has gone in my mouth!
Our Body Clutter (Fireside) book is the beginning of my journey and FlyLady's. We have discovered one year later that understanding and dealing with one's body clutter is a never-ending process. Vigilance and perseverance is the key!

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