Better Business Bureau Tips: The Holiday Season is Not a Time to Ignore Unpaid Bills

Better Business Bureau Tips
The Holiday Season is Not a Time to Ignore Unpaid Bills

Excessive debt doesn't magically appear in an instant; it's not going to disappear overnight either, according to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB today encouraged consumers who are finding it difficult to pay their bills to take steps now to improve their financial situation, before they are tempted to overspend during the holidays.
"Consumers should not ignore a heavy debt burden, particularly in light of the approaching gift-buying season. Our new BBBTips(tm) on How to Repay your Debt, released today, is designed to help people take positive steps to pay back their creditors," said Steve Cole, president and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus.
The BBB system's new educational resource is available online at Included are helpful tips for:
* Using credit responsibly;
* Determining if your debt level is headed for trouble;
* Figuring out why you owe so much money;
* Learning how heavy debt can impact your life;
* Curbing your spending; and
* Taking effective steps to pay down your debt.
BBBTips(tm) on How to Repay Your Debt is sponsored by ClearPoint Financial Solutions, Inc.(tm), a System-wide member of the Better Business Bureau. This is the newest release in a series of BBBTips(tm) resources on credit and debt issues.
"It takes patience and perseverance to reduce a heavy debt burden. We join with the BBB to provide consumers with practical information that will hopefully start them on the path to a better financial future," said Dan Oelrich, President and CEO of ClearPoint.
The BBBTips(tm) program supplements other helpful information provided by Better Business Bureaus to promote an ethical marketplace. In 2005, BBBs in the United States and Canada provided nearly 90 million instances of service to consumers and businesses."