TV Talk! The Nine

TV Talk!
The Nine

Premiered: Fall 2006
When is it on?: Wednesdays at 10pm EST on ABC
Starring: Chi McBride as Malcolm
Jessica Collins as Lizzie
Tim Daly as Nick
Kim Raver as Kathryn
Scott Wolf as Jeremy
John Billingsley as Egan
Lourdes Benedicto as Eva
Owain Yeoman as Lucas
Dana Davis as Felicia
Synopsis: Nine strangers end up in a Los Angeles bank on a fateful morning, as two men lock the doors, pull their guns and announce a bank robbery that will "only take five minutes." But 10 minutes into the pilot episode, it's revealed that the bank robbery has gone terribly wrong. SWAT storms the bank, rescuing the hostages and capturing the robbers--but two people are dead. These nine survivors are now banded together as an unlikely family, as they re-enter their lives and grapple with how this seminal event has changed them forever.
"The Nine" is a complex character-based drama series that will unravel the mystery of what transpired during this 52-hour hostage situation in chronological flashbacks that open each episode. But the heart of the series is how that harrowing experience impacted our key characters in their present day lives, as they continue to intertwine, deepen and complicate their connections to one another. Revolving through police, legal and medical worlds, the series is one of hope and rebirth, as the characters continue to reinvent themselves in a positive way or are haunted by fateful decisions from which they're still struggling to recover.