Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives! Dear Santa!

Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives!
Dear Santa!

Dear Santa:
We have a Christmas Wish List like so many others do at this time of the year! We hope we have been good and you will bring us some of the items we really need. Our list is quite varied and the items would have trouble fitting into stockings hanging on the fireplace mantel.
Let me share that list with you:
* Land! Land! Land!
* Ladders of any size
* A Web Site Designer
* Laminator
* New and Used Tools
* 30-Gallon PVC Garbage Cans
* Large Heavy Duty Trash Bags
* Cases of Bottled Water
* Cases of Soda
* Lawn Mowers
* Weed Whackers
* Paint Brushes, Rollers and Pans
* Poster Frames (24x36-inch)
* Lightweight 6-Ft. Folding Tables
* Plumbers
* HVAC Technicians
* Electricians
* Drywall Installers
Yes, Santa, it is an unusual Christmas gift list, but these are the items that would be so helpful to the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. They are items that will help Habitat in its construction of much needed affordable homes for low income families in Washington County.
You see, Santa, it works like this. There is an affordable housing crisis in the county. Habitat for Humanity of Washington County has been aware of many families not being able to find affordable housing for some years before this current crisis. The local Habitat affiliate has addressed this issue by building twenty-four homes. These new challenges have not changed Habitat for Humanity's belief that everyone deserves a simple, decent, affordable place to live. This has been behind the drive and dedication of hundreds of volunteers. These are volunteers that have donated funds, land and material, as well as those that have given so freely of their time and talents to build new homes for low-income families. Habitat volunteers build affordable homes for low-income families living in unsafe, unhealthy conditions.
Habitat for Humanity of Washington County touches lives! It helps families to achieve decent, affordable housing. Habitat provides a program where families seeking to own a home can work alongside volunteers to build that home. Then they are allowed to purchase it at no profit and with zero interest loans, making payments they can afford. The majority of family members whose lives improve through Habitat's housing are children. For them, a decent place to live makes all the difference in the world.
The homes are built with donated materials or with materials purchased with donated funds. Funding is essential! It is all through donations of a caring public. Homes require sponsors! It takes money to buy construct houses! Individuals, companies or organizations may sponsor a home. Or they may be willing to donate land or materials! Or perhaps make a cash donation!
So, Santa, those items on our Christmas List will help us achieve our goal of building decent, affordable housing. For more information on any of these items, please call Sherry Brown Cooper, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Washington County at 301-791-9009.
Thank you Santa, and have a Merry Christmas!

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.