Board of County Commissioners Meeting: Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Board of County Commissioners Meeting
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Human Resources Administrator Dee Hawbaker introduced four newly hired employees to the Commissioners. Thornton White and Michael Anders have been employed in Equipment Operator I positions at the Highway Department. Scott Nipps was recently hired as a Plant Operator Trainee in the Department of Water Quality. Sarah Kozal is the new GIS Specialist in the Information Technologies Department. Cindy Mowen was introduced as a Senior Office Associate in Human Resources, transferring in from Emergency Services.
Hon. Fred C. Wright, III, Administrative Judge of Circuit Court and Eunice Plank, Circuit Court Administrator brought a request for hiring of two State mandated positions to the Commissioners fort approval A Drug Court Coordinator and Permanency Planning Liaison are needed for a new program and salary and benefits for both positions will be paid by the State. Wright told the Board that Circuit Court is in the process of developing a Juvenile Drug Court Program through a state grant. Part of that grant provides for a Drug Court Coordinator who will manage all aspects of the Juvenile Drug Court including coordination of all agencies involved in the program. Through a Family Law Grant from the state, a case manager for termination of parental rights cases will be provided for Children in Need of Assistance. The Permanency Planning Liaison will monitor all termination of parental rights cases and see that they are concluded within the proper time standards as mandated by State and Federal guidelines. The requests, including temporary office space for the Drug Court Coordinator were approved by unanimous vote.
Earl Wolf of Hagerstown asked about the recent tax refund. Wolf, a resident of Ravenwood Lutheran Village was not eligible to receive a refund due to an "owner-occupied" provision in state authorizing legislation. Wolf also commented on odor problems from the Hagerstown water treatment facility.
County Buyer Rick Curry brought these requests to the Board, to extend the current Gasoline and Diesel Fuel contracts with A C & T Co., Inc., and Petroleum Traders Corporation, from December 1, 2006 until December 31, 2006, and to award the bids to the responsive, responsible bidders with the lowest bid. The Contract for gasoline and diesel tank wagon loads is requested for award to A C & T Co., Inc. of Hagerstown in the total amount of $114,594.84 for each. The Contract for gasoline and diesel transport loads is recommended for award to Petroleum Traders Corporation of Fort Wayne, Indiana in total amounts of $552,049.16 for Gasoline and $953,037.03 for Diesel Fuel. The measures were approved by unanimous vote.