Game Head: Madden NFL 07

Game Head
Madden NFL 07

Publisher: EA SPORTS(tm)
Developer: EA Canada
Category: Sports
Also available on: XB 360, GBA, GC, MB, NDS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, & XB
With the introduction of a new gaming console, people expect to see the latest update in the EA sports roster. With the new Nintendo Wii console, the Madden NFL 07 football game stands on its own--it is considered by many as the best versions.
When you first load up the game you will be presented with the usual options plus a new one entitled "Learn Madden," which is very essential to go through if you want to be successful with this game. This mode is very similar to some of the training camp modes but instead of drilling you on how to perform plays this mode shows you how to actually play the game with the new motion sensitive controls.
This game has changed...learning the controls is a must. After you get though the mild learning curve for this game you will see how fun this game really is with all of the new controls. You will actually feel that you are really in the game playing since you are having to hike the ball, throw it, stiff arm people, and so on.
Madden NFL 07 is rated for everyone.