Board of County Commissioners Actions: Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Board of County Commissioners Actions
Tuesday, December 5, 2006

In its first meeting as the 2006-2010 Washington County Board of County Commissioners, the first order of business was election of Officers for the coming term. John F. Barr was elected President, and Terry L. Baker was elected Vice-President.
In its first meeting of the new term, the Commissioners made several appointments and reappointments of certain administrative posts.
Commissioner Jim Kercheval was nominated as Ex-Officio member of the Planning Commission. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.
County Clerk Joni Bittner was reappointed for a four-year term.
County Administrator Rod Shoop was reappointed as County Administrator on a 3-0-1 vote with Commissioner Wivell abstaining. Wivell commented that he felt Shoop should have been appointed for the remainder of his tenure. Shoop has announced his retirement in early 2007.
Debra Murray was reappointed as Director of Budget and Finance for an additional four year term. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.
Commissioners serve on a number of advisory Boards, Commissions and Committees in both voting, and Ex-Officio capacities.
Commissioners' President John Barr will serve on the Airport Commission, the Agricultural Education Center Board of Directors, the Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board, the Transportation Advisory Committee, Tri-County Council, Museum of Fine Arts Board , the Economic Development Commission, as Alternate to the Maryland Association of Counties' (MACo) Legislative Committee, and the Metropolitan Planning Organization.
Commissioners' Vice President Terry Baker will serve on the Community Action Council Board, the Fire and Rescue Communications Advisory Board, the Recreation and Parks Board, the United Way Emergency Food and Shelter Program, The Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Weed Control Committee.
Commissioner Kristin Aleshire will serve on the Commission on Aging Board of Directors, the Historic District Commission, the Advisory Commission to the Board of Health, the Mental Health Authority, the Economic Development Commission, and the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.
Commissioner Jim Kercheval will serve on the Emergency Services Council, the Black Rock Golf Course Board of Directors, the Local Management Board/Washington County Community Partnership for Children and Families (LMB/WCCP), the Tri-County Council, the Mental Health Advisory Committee, the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Planning Commission.
Commissioner Bill Wivell will serve on the MACo Legislative Committee, the PenMar Development Corporation Board of Directors, the Pension Fund Board, the Department of Social Services Board of Directors, and the Water Quality Advisory Board.
Norman Bassett, Administrator of the Office on Disability Issues, was designated to serve as Commissioners' Representative to the Washington County Disabilities Advisory Committee (DAC).
Public Works Director Gary Rohrer was designated to serve as Commissioners' Representative to the Historical Advisory Committee.
Several appointments remain open, including the Commission for Women, The Area Agency on Aging, and the Housing Authority of Washington County, and will be filled at a later date.
The appointments were approved by unanimous vote and the first session of the new board was adjourned.