World Record Breaker to Perform in Chuckwagon Shows

For six years Andy Rotz has been stunning audiences with his fancy roping, bullwhip cracking and gun spinning. Now he will be featured in a new set of Christmas Chuckwagon shows sponsored by Antietam Recreation.

Last year the 17-year old went to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Wild West Arts Club Convention, where he shattered a record that landed him in the Guniess Book of Records.

For more than three hours Rotz jumped through a large vertical rope loop in a trick called the Texas skip. Andy didn’t stop when he passed the previous record of 4,011 skips. After completing 11,123 skips he collapsed in exhaustion as audiences roared with applause.

Andy’s talents have been showcased at Antietam Recreation, a daycamp owned by his parents Bob and Mary Rotz. Each year the camp designs a Wild West Show to entertain school groups, campers and employees at company picnics.

The show is a dramatic presentation featuring horseback riding, exciting fight scenes, and the full gamut of Andy’s tricks. He is the show’s hero, an honest Pony Express rider who is brave enough to challenge the infamous Black Raider outlaws. The action-packed script is full of surprises, and the actors perform it with energy and skill. Professional storefront props create the aura of an authentic Western town, and as audiences hold their breath during a shoot-out on Main Street, they might just imagine they are really in the Wild West.

This year Antietam Recreation has designed a new show especially for the Christmas season. It’s called “An Old Fashioned Cowboy Christmas”, and is packed with the same whooping good time of the summer shows.

The evenings will start with a hayride for those willing to brave the cold (and the threat of wagon raids!) A hearty meal will follow with barbecue beef, baked beans, hot potatoes, rolls, applesauce, and gingerbread. Then comes the finale - a Christmas tale with enough excitement to tingle the spine and plenty of holiday cheer to warm the heart.

Antietam Recreation’s indoor pavilion has been transformed into a sparkling winter display. Guests will be seated in the midst of it all to enjoy a Christmas party like no other.

For more information, including scheduling a Chuckwagon party, call Antietam Recreation at 301-797-7999. The camp can be reserved for private groups of 50 to 300 on a first-come, first-serve basis. Individual families are invited on December 6.