FlyLady: Pass It On; A Legacy of Love

Pass It On; A Legacy of Love

We each have the same number of hours in a day; how are you using yours? Do you whine that you don't have time? Are you constantly rushing around trying to make more time? When are we ever going to just stop and be!
This past week I was reminded of just how short life really is. I will never forget the first time I saw the haunting blue eyes of an eighteen month old precious baby girl. Her sweet mother was my Home Economics teacher in high school and helped me become who I am today. I was sixteen years old and knocked on her door to see little Miss Amber toddling across the floor. Amber died last week after fighting breast cancer for five years. She was only thirty-five years young and leaves a precious six year old son to be raised without his mommy.
Amber was misdiagnosed just a few months after giving birth to her son. They thought it was just a stopped up milk gland. Looking back we can speculate and try to place blame for a mistake on the heads of the doctors but Amber didn't do that. She lived each day to her fullest doing what she could for others and touching lives with her daily walk of hope and encouragement.
I am reminded of a song we sang at camp, Pass It On! It only takes a spark to get a fire going; And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing. Amber was a spark to the many lives she touched. Her warmth was passed on to her family, the school children she taught as well as the people she met while she was taking her chemotherapy. She had a talent for inspiring others and leaving a legacy of hope to all those basking in her glowing embers of love.
What legacy will you leave? Do the lives you touch feel your warmth? Do you pass your smile on to others as you walk through your daily rounds? Life is so short. It is time for us to take care of those little things that keep us on the perpetual treadmill of Go Go Go and slow down to enjoy each step we take instead of rushing to the next thing. All we ever seem to say is; I don't have time!
I have realized one thing as I turned fifty years old last January; being in a hurry never got me anywhere faster. It was only when I slowed down and enjoyed the ride that the time passed before I knew it. Where is your joy? Have you thrown it away with all of your forgotten dreams because you don't have time? As I talked with my dear friend, Jeannie tonight about the death of her precious daughter I realized that each of us can touch another life; even if it is only in passing. We have a choice to be in a hurry or to slow down and enjoy the ride. What have you been putting off? Does your home keep your life in CHAOS and prevent you from passing on your spark to warm the world. I realize that shining your sink may seem foolish right now but in the scheme of things it is the spark that opened up my life to help others. From that one shiny sink, homes are being blessed and you find the time you never thought was possible to rekindle those forgotten dreams and use your talents to change the world.
One small spark will pass on the heartbeat of love that connects us all! My sweet teacher helped me to become who I am today. Her gentle hands pushed me into a world and taught me how cook, clean and sew. The best gift she gave me was the courage to stand up and speak to a crowd and pass on what I have learned. She gave her own daughter this precious gift to touch others. I am honored to have known Amber. In Amber's memory please call your girlfriend, sister, aunt and mother to remind them to do their monthly breast exam. Don't put it off saying, "I don't have time!" Take the time right now and pass it on! Ask each person to also make that call or send that email! We can save lives with early detection! Pass it on!

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